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                             Variery Fruit box                        


  • A 8-10 lbs box with a generous amount of delicious and nutritious Florida and import grown tropical and traditional raw fruits securely shipped with tracking.
  • Fruits are grown and picked expertly, all are non-gmo, and many certified organic.

For shipments in month of March 2024 will include a 10 lb combination from this selection of fruits:

Soursop Caribbean non-gmo.

Sapadilla FL Certified Organic.

Pink/White Guava FL non-gmo.

Mangosteen Mexico non-gmo.

Red Custard Apple FL Certified Organic/All Natural.

Rollinia fruit FL Organic non-gmo.

Passion Fruit FL Organic non-gmo.

Star Apples FL Organic non-gmo.
Mamey FL Certified Organic/All Natural.

Gold/Red/White Dragon Fruit Ecuador non-gmo.

Citrus Fruit Florida non-gmo.

Cacoa Fruit Ecuador non-gmo. *upon request

Bananas FL non-gmo.
Longans FL non-gmo.

Plus More!

Variety Fruit Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Variety box
5% off
$64.60every week until canceled
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